Surprising and magical, designed to be a key subject within the decorative space, functional and aesthetic, elegant and transgressive, a timeless object that can last over time. One more time, the designer is inspired in the nature for conceiving the collection ORGÁNICA. Its fluid and irregular shapes are inspired by marine elements, coral and natural sponges, sea rocky areas… apparently complex structures, with many cavities and porous surfaces, transferred to a functional and daily object. The play of light is the protagonist, contrast of light and shadow that make ORGÁNICA a magical object. The exterior reflects the characteristics of the space in which it is located, while inside, It comes alive when illuminated with warm light that seeks to penetrate between the various holes that make up the main body of the lamp, to illuminate perfectly without creating shadows. The collection is made with a new technology, for creating irregular shapes without cutting lines or changes in transition, generating fluid and closed objects. As light source have been used different types of bulb, depending on the chosen application.